“la revolucion sera feminista o no sera”

​Samm Bones is the definition of a strong female role and DIY individual that continues to inspire communities widespread. Samm Bones has spent over a decade on the road and still finds her life experience to continue to be nomadic. Whether she is on tour playing music, writing her next novel, article or poem, under the hood of a car, cultivating plant medicine, producing herbalism education, backpacking into Americas wilderness, creating art, or serving her community on the front lines in her activism work. She will find a way to feed her never ending hunger for adventure.  Stay tuned for her upcoming narrative non-fiction piece release; The Travelin' Itch. A book where you can experience her past travels exploring the mountains of Alaska and the desert of Peru; undeniably inspiring tales of hard-living, transcendental personal growth and self-discovery, right along with her. Stay tuned for her upcoming release February 14th 2021!


Healing Arts for Dark Hearts

At the peak of her mountainous journey to heal herself organically from within, she discovered plant medicine. Where she has gone to great depths to inquire the knowledge of earths medicine. Immersing herself into the depths of the Talamanca region of Costa Rica's jungle, learning about tropical plant medicine traditions. She also graduated ACHS with an Applied Science Degree in Herbal Studies. Samm is the herbalist, herbal educator and sole proprietor of Healing Arts are for Dark Hearts. A healing arts community that strives to help those that identify with the strange, find light in the darkness. Continuously striving to better herself and her community through the opportunity that plant medicine offers.



“Samm bones epitomizes the strength, courage, and tenacity that is too often overlooked or under-celebrated in the sacred feminine. Her music is undeniably genuine and refreshingly raw - and indicative of the human ability and opportunity to overcome hardship through creative expression." - Erin Inglish, Curator of the Banjo Babes Compilation Album & Calendar