Introducing Healing Arts for the Dark Hearts

Updated: May 8, 2020

Healing Arts for the Dark Hearts was designed by my educational background of Tropical Plant Medicine studied in the Talamanca Region of Costa Rica's Jungle and Western Herbalism studied at ACHS (American College of Healthcare Sciences). I graduated with an Applied Science degree in Herbal Studies. This technically deems me a "Master Herbalist" but I don't believe anyone is a master at this craft.

All of our hand made products, are derived from either ethically wildcrafted or sustainably cultivated organic herbs. Healing Arts for Dark Hearts strives to shed light on those who live in the darkness and identify with the strange. Most of our products are designed to help those that struggle with their mental health. Not to subside their emotional gifts, but to help them manage them. So they may continue to be the creative creatures they are intended to be. So they may burn bright in the night.

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