Your Holistic First Aid Kit

No matter the circumstance, whether you're protesting the courthouse, backpacking Alaska's back country or heading to the border to provide relief. You should always keep your trusted holistic first aid kit near. I thought I'd share with y'all what is in my first aid kit and why.

Arnica 30c -This homeopathic remedy is good for any aches and pains that come along with injury and physical trauma. This is also a great remedy for to reduce bruising and swelling.

Arnica Tincture- An Arnica montana tincture is handy to have around for topical application to any bruises, sprains or injury. Do not apply to broken skin.

Calendula Tincture- A Calendula officinalis tincture is handy to have around for topical application to wounds. It is an antiseptic and should be used with infected wounds.

My Homemade 'All Heal Salve'- This salve is made from a medicinally infused oil, infused for 6 weeks with St. johns wort, calendula, arnica and comfrey. This salve should be applied to any skin irritations, bee stings, black eyes, nettle stings, bug bites, diaper rash, nerve pain, broken bone surface area, or wounds.

Clove Essential Oil- Syzygium aromaticum is important to keep around for toothaches. . I like to keep a little thing of olive oil in my kit to use as a carrier oil for use of all essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil- Lavendula angustifolia is effective for burns, insect stings, headaches and anxiety

Rescue Remedy- This is one of my must haves! I always keep a bottle of this in my vest pocket, in my car and in my first aid kit! This bach recipe includes: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rockrose, and Clematis. This is a wonderful remedy for fear, panic, bad news and anxiety. If you come upon someone that is unconscious. 3 drops of this remedy will suffice as well!

Witch Hazel Extract- Used topically, this is a wonderful remedy to reduce bruising and counteract bleeding.

Ground Yarrow Flower- This is an excellent way to stop bleeding in wounds and in bloody noses!

Aloe Vera Leaf, or Gel- We would all love to keep fresh aloe leaf in our kits. But the gel is cf course more realistic. Aloe vera is a great topical application for burns, cold sores, and cuts. It's also great to make juice out of for your digestive system!

Headache Ease Tincture- I always keep this tincture near and dear as I suffer from headaches and migraines! It is made of: white willow bark, ginkgo biloba, valerian root, gotu kola.

Cramp Ease Tincture- This tincture has almost an immediate response to menstrual cramps. It is made from: crampbark, raspberry leaf,  motherwort and ginger.

Mind Attack Tincture- Sometimes Rescue Remedy just doesn't do it for those with anxiety. This is my most trusted tincture of them all, Mind Attack! It is made from: valerian root, kava kava and passionflower.

Sweet Nightmares Tincture- This tincture will put your right to sleep! It is made of: valerian root and passionflower.

Tumeric Root- Keeping fresh Tumeric root is great! Not only does it have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. But it is great to put on bug bites! I learned that trick in the jungle.

Mullein and Garlic- Dried mullein is great to always keep on you. And if you have fresh garlic, not only can you eat it to keep the mosquitos away. But you can cook them both down in some oil. Strain, and use the warm oil as ear drops for earaches. Works every time!

Apple Cider Vinegar- A great way to keep the immune system up while camping and a great wound wash and surface area disinfectant!

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