Support your PMS symptoms, both physical and emotional with this formula. This formula used daily can help those with PMDD. 

ING: Dried, organic sculletaria lateriflora, valeriana officinalis, arcticum lappa, leonurus cardiaca and zingiber officinale with 80 proof alcohol.

SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Valerian root may cause drowsiness and/or interfere with sedatives. Motherwort may interfere with cardiovascular therapies. Skullcap may potentiate sedative drugs. And ginger may be contraindicated with those who are pregnant.

Healing Arts for Dark Hearts utilizes their educational background in complementary alternative medicine, accredited by ACHS (American College of Healthcare Sciences). Integrating eastern European tradition of rituals and intentions with our earth medicine. We are where Science meets Magick!

All of our hand made products, are derived from either ethically wildcrafted or sustainably cultivated organic herbs. Healing Arts for Dark Hearts strives to shed light on those who live in the darkness and identify with the strange.

WARNING: This product or statement have not been viewed by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please seek professional advice from a doctor or naturopath before consuming this product. Especially if you are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.

Mooncycle Support